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Social Media Marketing

Our creative team can successfully create a social media strategy that guarantees that your business's online presence and digital communication are in sync with your company's values and goals!

Goals and audience definition

Our team will research your brand and the competitors, collecting relevant information. After analyzing the data, we will define the target audience, and consider the goals you want to reach.


Channel Strategy

In order to define a successful strategy for your social media channels, our team will analyze them, their audience and general statistics. With that data, we will establish the brand voice that will best reflect your brand's “personality” and appeal to your target, create a monthly content calendar and plan the best social media campaigns to promote your brand.


Content Creation

Our content specialists will develop relevant content to address your target audience, and adapt the content according to your feedback. After a final review, we will schedule the posts according to the content calendar, always considering the best time and day to publish, according to the statistics.


Report and Optimization

Every month we will elaborate a report, measure audience engagement, analyze the type of content that is more popular and review the best time and day to publish. After this analysis, we will optimize the strategy to ensure the best results. Community Management is part of our daily optimization process, to guarantee a good relationship with your brand’s digital community.

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