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Brand Strategy

Effective brands excel at creating feelings that allow customers to get more out of a transaction than simply a product or service – and that’s why they keep coming back. We create the right brand strategy that helps you to say all the right things to create meaningful long-term relationships with your own customers.

Brand Research

We conduct consumer research to help to inform you about your brand awareness, perception, and image. We achieve this through online surveys,  social listening, “secret shopping” and more. Also, we do this research about your competitors, in order to define their brand position.


Brand Strategy and Positioning

Our brand strategy process helps you develop a brand platform, which acts as your brand’s North Star. It ensures your business is all rowing in the same direction by developing and defining your brand purpose, brand vision, brand personality, brand values, brand promise, and brand positioning.


Naming and Logo

Naming a company and creating the logo can be an intensive and extensive process, filled with subjective opinions and emotions. Sometimes the magic happens quickly, but often it takes many options and many rounds to find that perfect, unique, trademarkable fit.


Brand Messaging and Lines

Brand messaging is essential to achieve the desired performance of the brand. We do this through brand mantras, mission statements, brand scripts, and voice/tone guidelines. A strong brand line can act as a brand’s unifying force across several digital marketing channels, always making it clear what a brand stands for.

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